Multi-Function Printer Capabilities for Small Businesses

The emergence of multi-function printers (MFP's) has greatly improved the workplace, allowing businesses to combine their various business needs into one solution. Gone are the days of having a stand alone fax machine, scanner and various printers spread out over the office. Businesses can now have a fax machine, copier, printer and scanner all in one machine that can be centralized in their workspace. Having one or more MFP's in a large office space is now more convenient than ever with the latest technologies that have evolved over the years. Technology has enabled scan-to-email, digital filing systems, electronic faxes (e-fax), and sharing of information even easier. MFP technology has allowed businesses (of all sizes) to reduce costs by centralization and sharing of data like never before. 

Technology has also given entrepreneurs the ability to start a small business that can compete in the marketplace without the initial high-dollar investment that was once a requirement. When combining a MFP with a cloud-based solution for accounting, billing, and business operations, printing can give businesses with employees numbering from one to one thousand the ability to operate without dedicated IT staff or other large up-front expenses. 

When large office equipment was first introduced, most small startup businesses sought out printing services rather than opting to purchase or lease a machine themselves. The initial investment, topped with the ongoing maintenance required for such a purchase was just too costly. Now, years later, small businesses have the ability to print and electronically send or save high-quality documents without ever outsourcing to a printing service.

One of the biggest pros of a MFP like the TASKalfa series, is the ability to conserve printing costs and use technology to share or store information instantly. While most offices will likely never be 100% paperless, MFPs allow businesses to send paper documents to internal or external contacts that are also viewable on mobile devices, tablets or PCs.

If you don't have a cloud storage service in place, you need one - or maybe more than one. The ability to backup your data and store it on the cloud, then automatically share that information across multiple platforms has radically changed the way most individuals or businesses operate. Safeguarding data to the cloud has significantly reduced business risk and improved the retrievability of documents.

Sentry File, Sharepoint Connector and DMS Link are just a few of our most popular Kyocera applications that can be configured and installed right onto your MFP.