Simply scan from your MFP to your inbox, the first time, every time.

Work Better

Streamlining document workflow and information sharing is an important objective for all companies that strive for greater efficiency. The ability for employees to scan documents at an MFP and email them to their inbox is one element of document workflow that can be very beneficial. However, the process involved in sending oneself an email from an MFP can be slow and error prone.

In order to streamline this process, Kyocera has developed 2MyInbox, a business application that uses information from a user’s login to pre-populate the “send-to” email address field found on the MFP control panel. All users have to do is enter their credentials or swipe their HID card and the MFP is ready to email scans directly to them—it’s quick, easy and virtually error free.

The 2MyInbox application runs on all HyPAS-enabled Kyocera MFPs and provides companies with a simple but effective way to increase employee productivity and efficiency.

  • Increases employee productivity with a simplified email process from the MFP
  • Integrates with HID proximity cards for an even faster user experience
  • Expedites the process of emailing scanned documents to oneself from a Kyocera MFP
  • Saves users time and reduces chance of error by using login information to pre-populate the “send-to” email address field found on the MFPs control panel
  • Improves overall Document Workflow efficiency within an organization
  • Available on all HyPAS-enabled Kyocera MFPs