Card Authentication

One Swipe Does It All: Authorize, Restrict, Limit

In most organizations, it’s quite common to see HID proximity cards used as a secure method to access doorways. This common technology that is used for employee identification can now provide added value to your organization as it can also be used to authorize MFP usage.

The Kyocera Card Authentication solution is a quick and convenient security option for your multifunctional products utilizing employee ID badges. With a simple swipe of a badge, users gain immediate access to their Kyocera MFP, authorizing them to use features specific to their job function. With Card Authentication installed, corporate network resources and information can be secured, preventing unauthorized access.

This solution also enables administrators to track usage for reporting or accounting purposes, thereby saving your organization from unnecessary waste. By leveraging Kyocera MFPs and in most cases your existing ID badges, your business is able to protect vital information without the need to invest in additional security cards and high-priced hardware. It’s a cost-effective solution for any enterprise.

  • Improve device-level security
  • Seamless integration with your business infrastructure using most company ID badges, such as building access cards or HID proximity cards
  • Restrict, limit and authorize device access by user or department when combined with Kyocera’s AccessLock
  • Track usage for reporting and accounting purposes when combined with KMnet Viewer or PaperTrail
  • Available on select Kyocera MFPs