Color Lock

Manage Your Color Output, Control Costs

Printing in color can bring your documents to life; however, color is sometimes not necessary for certain employees, groups or departments in an organization. The ability to limit color usage can be a great advantage for any organization interested in controlling costs. ColorLock is a Kyocera designed business application for all HyPAS-enabled color MFPs that gives you the ability to restrict color functionality to only those who really need it – helping to manage your budget.

When ColorLock is installed on your MFP, a login screen appears which requires users to enter a passcode when they walk-up to the MFP before they can access color functionality on the device. If your system administrator deems it necessary for an employee, group or department to have access to color output, he/she can issue you a passcode that will unlock full color functionality on select MFPs.

A “Public Access” button is also available for those who are restricted from using color to simply operate the MFP in black & white mode only, without needing a passcode. ColorLock is a simple but effective application that helps you manage printing costs and promote appropriate and efficient use of your MFPs.

  • Provides color functionality to only those who really need it
  • Saves on toner and associated printing costs
  • Provides a “Public Access” button for general black & white use
  • Promotes appropriate and efficient use of your MFPs
  • Controls access to documents stored on the device
  • Compatible with all HyPAS-enabled Kyocera MFPs