DMS Link

Simplify document workflow through digital imaging, distribution, retrieval and long-time archival.

Simplify Document Workflow

Businesses of all types and sizes contend with the temporary or permanent loss of paper documents, which can impact office productivity, customer satisfaction, even corporate image. So in paper-intensive office environments, management of document workflows is vital to business success.

DMS Link, a Kyocera-developed business application, leverages a connected Kyocera MFP to seamlessly link to your existing document management system. Users enjoy simple, familiar touch-screen operations, enabling fast entry of business-specific data (indexing) and scanning of hardcopy; the electronic file is automatically routed to a designated document repository. From a network computer, indexed files – purchase orders, invoices, contracts, and more – are easily searchable from a central database.

The powerful combination of Kyocera MFP technology and embedded DMS Link creates a secure system for digital imaging, distribution, retrieval and long-term archival. A turnkey solution, DMS Link is a proven Kyocera business app that delivers tangible gains in workflow and workgroup efficiency.

  • Maximize your current Kyocera MFP technology, without any additional IT investment
  • Enables fast retrieval of fully-indexed files from a central database, eliminating lost or misfiled documents
  • Utilizes existing folder structures for easy navigation (via MFP touch screen) to target Scan-to locations
  • Automates document processing and notifications, increasing overall office efficiency
  • Assists in compliance with regulatory mandates governing information privacy
  • Expedites document indexing using barcode recognition, for easy desktop retrieval
  • Saves time by converting text into searchable/editable content via OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Reduces costs related to overnight delivery services, long-distance faxing and hardcopy storage
  • Enables departmental MFPs to support specific workflows, addressing users’ unique application requirements
  • Effectively routes documents to a predetermined document management system or shared server, for simplified document sharing among individuals and workgroups
  • Available on all HyPAS-enabled Kyocera MFPs