Kyocera Cloud Connect

Print & Scan Capabilities that Reach Into the Cloud

Businesses are increasingly turning to cloud technologies to enable them to store and share large quantities of data. This facilitates the ability to conduct business on the go and at multiple locations, by allowing easy access to these stored files and essential documents. Kyocera once again meets your ever-changing demands with Cloud Connect, an exceptional application that enables you to retrieve and print files in Evernote®, a cloud service provider, directly from any Kyocera HyPAS-enabled MFP. You can even upload scanned files directly to Evernote – directly from the MFP, without needing a computer!

Kyocera Cloud Connect is your bridge to the cloud, connecting you effortlessly to all your files and documents and giving you total control over when and where you access and print them. Most importantly, you don’t even need your smart phone, computer or tablet to be able to access, store, print and scan your documents, just your Kyocera MFP.

  • Upload and store files to Evernote freeing up mobile device memory and storage, while eliminating the need to transport hard copy files
  • Flexible, easy, and secure retrieval and printing of your Evernote files from any Kyocera MFP
  • Upload scanned files directly to Evernote -- no need to send scanned files to a computer
  • Add tags or note content for accurate search capabilities
  • Easy retrieval of files stored in Evernote, in formats including JPEG, PDF and TIFF