Customize your MFP touch screen to include the scanning features you need.

Your Panel, Your Way

The “one size fits all” concept does not translate into the organizational sphere. There is great diversity in the way businesses are run and the activities of one company can be significantly different from those of another. In light of this reality, it would make sense that document workflow priorities also differ between work groups—therefore, MFP interfaces, which are a major on-ramp to a company’s document workflow, should be tailored to fit your business needs.

With Kyocera’s PanelPlus application, your authorized Kyocera dealer can easily customize the scanning features right on the control panel of your MFPs to maximize your organization’s document imaging efficiency. PanelPlus can boost your workflow performance via task-focused, pre-programmed “one-touch” buttons for scan to e-mail, scan to SMB (PC) or scan to FTP destinations creating a more streamlined environment. You choose the settings you want to see on your control panel. It’s your panel, your way.

  • Only the scan settings that your organization needs are displayed
  • Reduces and simplifies complex scanning tasks
  • Destinations and settings are pre-defined for greater efficiency and error reduction
  • Scan tasks can be customized as required based on user‘s requirements
  • One-touch buttons can be pre-programmed for a streamlined environment
  • Compatible with all HyPAS-enabled Kyocera MFPs