PinPoint Scan

Scan from your MFP to your PC with added speed, functions and versatility.

Advanced Scanning Made Simple

Scanning is one of the most important functions of document workflow and should be easy to use and serve the purposes that your company needs. With Kyocera’s PinPoint Scan application, scanning to your PC or Mac from a network connected MFP becomes as easy as scanning from a desktop scanner but with the added speed and versatility KYOCERA MFPs provide. With a simple two step installation process, one download to the MFP and one to your computer, network scanning couldn’t be easier.

The straight-forward computer side of PinPoint Scan allows you to create and manage your own pincode and requires no IT intervention. When you enter your PIN at any PinPoint Scan-enabled MFP on the network – that MFP will then rapidly search the network, find your computer and scan directly to it. You can also define the exact destination for the scanned document; Desktop, My Documents or Documents folder or as an attachment in a new e-mail. In addition, setup any folder on your computer as a destination, or a program that supports PDF files, (i.e. Adobe Acrobat or Photoshop) and these destinations immediately become simple one-touch buttons on your network connected MFPs.

PinPoint Scan also protects your confidential documents since all communication between the MFP and computer is encrypted and it can support any number of user computers and network connected MFPs. For advanced security, a PIN Strength Indicator lets you know when you’ve chosen a strong PIN code. In addition, you can easily integrate the application with HID cards for an even more streamlined scanning experience.

  • Quickly convert hardcopy into high-impact color or monochrome files, in universal PDF format
  • Route documents virtually anywhere with easy one-touch buttons – e-mail, shared folder or a program that supports PDF files
  • Supports both PC and Mac environments
  • Simple setup, with one-time application installation on the MFP (for scanning document) and one-time PinPoint Scan application installation on the computer (for receiving scanned file)
  • Highly secure with PIN or optional proximity card protection, MFP and file access restrictions, as well as SSL-encrypted communication
  • Users can set up and change their PIN, reducing the need for IT intervention
  • User-selectable scan settings enable users to manage image type, orientation, resolution, etc.
  • Document history log enables users to see a list of all scanned documents, along with file location
  • Eliminates problems inherent with traditional SMB scanning
  • Continuous scanning for high volume environments